Hawthorn Hollow Spa Therapy

Taking care of your every beauty need.

Why Hawthorn Hollow?

"Hawthorn Hollow Spa Therapy was named specifically after the hawthorn tree. Firstly, in Shakespeare’s A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, Helena describes to Hermia some of the most beautiful points in time. “When wheat is green; when hawthorn buds appear”. It was important to choose a name that not only reflected some of my own passions, such as Shakespeare, but also signified beauty.

Secondly, relaxation and balance are both attributes I wanted the name to carry. Much folklore is associated with the hawthorn tree. It is proven that the leaves can be used in tea as a sedative and to ease anxiety. Hawthorn helps release blocked energy, not only releasing stress, but creating the ability to trust and let go of negativity. Its Celtic meaning signifies balance and is a perfect depiction of the concept yin and yang.

Finally, I'd hoped for a “whimsical flair". The hawthorn tree, also known as the may tree, in many legends is considered to be a very magical and sacred tree. It is believed to be the dwelling place of many other worldly spirits and the root of several superstitions, practices and traditions. It is claimed that if you sit under a hawthorn tree on the first day of May, there is a chance you may catch a glimpse of a fairy or two and be whisked away to the underworld. But of course its all a matter of what you believe to be true.

Visit Hawthorn Hollow first hand and experience it for yourself..."

Ashley Bell
Owner/Operator of Hawthorn Hollow Spa Therapy